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The Basis for a
Lifelong, Healthy Smile

Children who have good experiences with the dentist when they’re young are more likely to seek out dental care after they grow up. That means if you want your little one to enjoy a beautiful smile for life, you should bring them to the Dental House of Pittsburgh for regular checkups and preventive care. Dr. Verner will do everything he can to make the visits as stress-free as possible for your children so that they can get the dental care they need without anxiety. If it has been more than six months since your child’s last appointment, call us today.

Why Choose Dental House of Pittsburgh
for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups and Cleanings for Children

Like adults, children need to have their mouths checked for signs of infection and decay as well as thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year. However, since their mouths are still developing, their needs will change as they grow. We can help guide you through the various phases of your child’s life, such as taking care of baby teeth or planning ahead for potential orthodontic treatment when necessary; we also advise parents on helping their children practice good oral hygiene at home.

Dental Sealants

When first learning how to brush, your child may have trouble keeping certain parts of their smile clean. Specifically, they might not be able to reach their molars very well, as these teeth are located at the very back of the mouth and are often difficult to reach. Dr. Verner can help keep your child’s molars safe by placing dental sealants over them. Sealants are thin layers of plastic that help prevent food particles and other harmful debris from getting caught in the grooves of the enamel where they can contribute to decay.

Dentistry for Special Needs Children

No matter if your child needs special considerations for a physical disability, a developmental disability, or another condition, we’re here to make sure they have place to receive high-quality dental care. With his friendly and gentle demeanor, Dr. Verner will help your child feel at ease all throughout their appointment and will do everything he can to accommodate for their limitations. When you schedule an appointment for your child, be sure to let us know as much about their situation as possible so that we can treat them accordingly.

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