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Straighter Smiles for
Patients of All Ages

Many people are used to thinking of orthodontics being “just for kids,” but nowadays plenty of adults are benefitting from procedures meant to straighten their teeth as well. A perfectly aligned smile isn’t just beautiful; it’s also much healthier since you can clean the teeth more easily and won’t have to worry about potentially damaging bite problems. If you think your teeth could use orthodontic treatment, call the Dental House of Pittsburgh today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Verner.

Why Choose Dental House of Pittsburgh
for Orthodontics?

Clear Aligners

Metal braces can leave adults and teens feeling self-conscious, which is why we offer clear aligners instead. These transparent plastic trays are almost invisible when worn; most people won’t even realize you have them unless they know what to look for. And unlike traditional braces, you can take out your aligners during meals, letting you enjoy any kind of food you want. Clear aligners are generally good for making moderate orthodontic corrections; they’re particularly useful for common issues such as gaps or a misaligned bite.

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Six Month Smiles

Under normal circumstances, braces might be worn for two to three years – but why wait that long when you only need to make a few minor corrections? For patients who only need to have their front teeth treated, we can use Six Month Smiles to get results quickly. The braces used for this process are made of see-through materials, and they only focus on certain parts of the teeth. In other words, this treatment is less noticeable and much faster than a conventional approach.

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