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Preventive Dentistry – Baldwin, PA

Preventing and Treating
Cavities and Gum Disease

Most adults in the United States will develop at least one cavity at some point in their lives, and nearly half of them could be suffering from gum disease at any given time. If you do end up suffering from these all-too-common conditions, you could end up losing your teeth. That’s why Dr. Verner offers a variety of services designed to detect tooth decay and gum disease as early as possible—or, ideally, prevent them from occurring at all! Get in touch with the Dental House of Pittsburgh today to set up your next appointment.

Why Choose Dental House of Pittsburgh
for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Even if your mouth is generally healthy, you should visit our office every six months. These regular visits are divided into two parts: checkups and cleanings. During the checkup, we’ll look for signs of decay or infection as well as other oral health issues. Depending on what is found, Dr. Verner might need to recommend further treatments to keep your smile healthy. The second part of the visit is a thorough cleaning that will remove bacteria-filled plaque and tartar from the areas of your mouth that you’ve had trouble cleaning.

Bruxism Guards

Grinding and clenching your teeth at night (a condition also known as bruxism) can wear down your smile and leave you with constant jaw pain. We can give you a mouthguard that acts as a barrier between your teeth, keeping them safe and relieving the pressures on your jaw. Our practice offers the miniComfort guard; this appliance can be worn during the day or at night depending on your needs, but it’s designed to be virtually invisible and comfortable so that it doesn’t affect your appearance or your speech.

Oral Cancer Screenings

53,000 adults will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and those that have the condition caught early will have much better odds of survival. An oral cancer screening is a part of every regular checkup. Dr. Verner will look for discolored patches and sores in your mouth, and he’ll feel the soft tissues for lumps and other abnormalities. The screening may also include an examination of the throat and neck. If worrisome symptoms or found, follow-up procedures – such as a biopsy – might be recommended to confirm the diagnosis.

Fluoride Treatments

Every patient that receives a cleaning at the Dental House of Pittsburgh will also have a fluoride varnish applied to their teeth. Fluoride is an important mineral that helps keep the enamel strong and makes it more resistant to decay; you should be getting plenty of fluoride from your drinking water, but a fluoride treatment from your dentist will provide additional protection that makes all the difference. Sealants are also available for patients that have trouble keeping certain teeth clean.

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